Kufunda Village

A learning village learning our way into healthy and vibrant communities of the future

Our Beliefs

We believe that people and communities already have the solutions and resources they need to be able to live a life of self- nourishment.

We believe that everyone has something of value to share. We have learnt that we need each other to recognise and bring our gifts. No label is big enough to cover what each one of us holds inside, and so people have arrived as carpenters, drivers, or security guards, and have opened up into being Kufundees – learners and contributors – often in surprising and wonderful ways. We therefore seek to support each other in being and becoming.

It is our experience that great energy is released when we begin to pay attention to what we know and have, and build on this in innovative and creative ways.

We value a questioning mind, initiative and willingness to stretch to a larger vision of what is possible.

We aspire to showcase and demonstrate practical solutions.

We believe that work should be fun. Our plans at Kufunda often follow the inspiration of our hearts. We have learnt that we can do more when we work from a place of following our joy and passion.

We believe in – and have learnt – the power of Starting Now, with what we have. In the words of a friend of ours, we make the path by walking it.

In essence, we believe that we need each other. One of our most challenging, but probably important lessons is how to walk together. In the Shona colloquial Mushandira Pamwe, uniting to work together, is key to the health of any community.  Learning new, and remembering old, ways of being in a generative community is key to the life of Kufunda. The Art of Hosting is key here, and the circle is the ground of our Kufunda community. In the circle, we ask for what we need, and offer what we can; we listen with curiosity; and silence is also a part of the conversation.

2 thoughts on “Our Beliefs

  1. Wow! So recognizable! And what a wonderful energy comes with your words. My deepest respect and compliments!

  2. I am truly inspired by this adventure and way of being. So much so that I have posted a link on our Facebook page to encourage exploration amongst the communities I have contact with here in Thailand and around the world. I am creating a post on our website as well. Keep a look-out for that. Thanks for showing the way…….Brian

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