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Warrior of the Heart

IMG_8050Join us this August in Kufunda – for The Warrior of the Heart Dojo and Training in Kufunda Learning Village, Zimbabwe, Africa

Hosted and called by: Admire Gwatidzo, Bob Wing, Caitlin Frost, Fidelis Maruza, Marianne Knuth, Stephen Diwauripo, Steve Ryman, and Toke Moeller

  • August 8th – 11th – all experience levels welcome
  • August 6/7th – additional time for experienced practitioners deep dive.
  • August 12th – community engagement day

At this time of global shift, the challenges are many and there is also much new breaking through, bringing with it much potential for learning, change and possibility.

To step fully and courageously into these spaces of uncertainty and change it is critical to develop and deepen in our own capacity for clarity, presence, fearlessness and love – with others.

The Warrior of the Heart Dojo is a place of conscious and deep personal and collective practice that brings together the best of the warrior and the midwife energies and capacities. It brings together elements of Aikido training, Art of Hosting and experiential learning to invite us into a deep place of training and inquiry in ourselves where there is potential for powerful transformation and wise, decisive action grounded in open heartedness.

The Warrior of the Heart practice has nourished and grounded our work and community here at Kufunda for the past many years. It is a foundation practice for our Kufunda Youth Programme, as they practice most mornings the art of finding their centre, and returning again and again to presence. A small group of Kufunda practitioners have built a Dojo with the support of friends from around the world. This will be our place of practice.

The Warrior of the Heart is also practiced around the world – from Brazil, to Bowen Island, and Colorado, Nova Scotia, Denmark and many other countries – in communities and in large and small organizational settings.

It is with great joy that we extend this invitation to open our Dojo in Kufunda, to practitioners from across the world – for us to deepen our practice together, to cross-pollinate, and to experience the strength and wisdom of this practice –  wherever we are from.

Image 7

Two events – flowing together:

1. Warrior of the Heart Deep Dive for experienced practitioners.  August 6th/7th

Two days of diving into deep practice together with others who already have some time and experience in the Warrior of the Heart Dojo.  We will have the opportunity to challenge ourselves and each other to stretch into new areas of practice, courage and heart beyond learning the basics of WoH. We will also prepare to step into some hosting and leadership of the All Levels WoH Dojo offering in the following days. (arrival August 5th)

2. Warrior of the Heart – Open Circle, All Experience Levels August 8th (evening) to August 11th, 2013
Anyone interested to learn or deepen your practice is invited to join this intergenerational circle and dojo.  New and curious learners, folks with a bit of experience, and long time practitioners are all invited to bring our ‘beginners mind’ and learn and share our gifts together in the 3.5 day training.   We invite interested participants of all ages to join in this local and international Dojo.

Extra: Warrior of the Heart – Giving back to the Community August 12th, 2013
A day of contributing to a nearby local community that will be a day of both working alongside local community organisers and also introducing some of the basic practice to them. It will be a deeper step into an African reality.

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