Kufunda Village

A learning village learning our way into healthy and vibrant communities of the future


Most of Kufunda’s funding comes from individuals who believe in our work.

No amount is too small. In particular, right now we are seeking funding for the Kufunda Leadership Programme; and  our new primary school and our work with Young Women Are Medicine.

Small regular contributions help give us more security in this work.

You can make a one-time or recurring donation as follows:

1. Just Click Here to  make an online donation for Kufunda. You are  donating through New Stories, a US 501(c)3, which means your donation is tax deductible in the US.

2. You can also send a checque or money order directly to:

New Stories
6591 Deer Foot Lane
Freeland WA 98249
United States of America

3. And finally you can transfer money to our Danish Bank account:

Jyske Bank, Vestergade 8-16, Silkeborg, Denmark
Registration number: 7178
Account number: 1048393
Swift address (for international transfers): JYBADKKK
Iban: DK4471780001048393
Account holder: Kufunda Village

We thank you for your support

3 thoughts on “Donate

  1. What a lovely new website. Thank you to whoever made it.


    • The beauty of our hearts resonates to do things so beautiful how are you,
      Maru and Carlos

  2. I am enamored by the beauty and kindness that builds and sustains Kafunda Village. It is my heart’s desire to visit the village in the next year and be part of the giving and sustaining that makes such goodness happen. In the meantime, peace and prosperity to you all.

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