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Young Women are Medicine

oasis jumpWe have an exciting new programme coming up in March next year. It is called Young Women Are Medicine and it is a one month immersion for young Zimbabwean Women, to support them in growing more fully into their strength, confidence and wisdom.

We have discovered that it is very difficult to identify capable young women to join the Communiversity leadership programme. Most of the young women’s confidence and sense of direction is far less than that of the young men. Many of them are paralysingly shy and completely unused to expressing an opinion especially in diverse company. This is to a large degree due to the lack of support in finding and following their own voice, that young women get as they grow up. There is a real need to create an enabling environment for young women to be able to participate fully confident of who they are and what they bring to their world.

With this programme, we will journey with them during a month of self-discovery, healing, celebration and deepening intention for their life. We will, through the programme, invite them to step in as more choiceful, conscious co-creators of their future.

Their primary focus will be on moving through a carefully designed and structured process to discover their own value, their beauty and their strength.

We will be using our tools and experience from hosting the personal development and leadership strands in the longer leadership programme and take them on journey into themselves as young women.

They will during the last part of their stay in the village use the village as a platform to express their growth and learning by hosting a community engagement process inside the village itself, called the Oasis Game. The challenge of the Oasis Game is to undertake a transformative action in a community, stimulating the participation of each individual in a community engagement and co-creation process around a dream that the village has.

This final very practical step will make the difference between a process that is based on dreams to one that gives them the space to experience and express their own leadership capacities as young women reclaiming their voice and the power.

Please join us to make this important work possible.



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My true face that I would have never seen

Poem by Richard Pio, Participant on the Communiversity Programme



They painted me red, blue, green even yellow
A thousand brushes, a million strokes
I didn’t know
Various craftsmen, so many voices
The potter’s hand moulding
The sculptors chisel sculpting
Who can define, give meaning
Knowledge in abundance
But who can give understanding
They tinkered with the shell
Made dents, broke limbs, gave bruises
Yet inside the fire goes unquenched
The river runs unimpeded
Where did you from – Opened the flood gates
Broken the dam, release this torrent
Now I’ve put my shackles asunder
Walk with me run with me Kufunda
My mirror, you have shown me
My true face that I would have never seen

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Kufunda Photo Journal April-May

Photos Clock wise from Top Left: Tinotenda, Ethel and more dancing off the husks during our Village Reatreat; The Kufunda youth preparing for Culture day; Traditional dance from the Chimanimani region; Young leaders playin the flow game during the Art of Hosting - Exploring their leadership questions; Nyimo  - after the dance; Ethel and Enock taking a break during the Art of Hosting workshop; Water Warrior Dance on Culture Day.

Photos Clock wise from Top Left: Tinotenda, Ethel and more dancing off the husks during our Village Reatreat; The Kufunda youth preparing for Culture day; Traditional dance from the Chimanimani region; Young leaders playin the flow game during the Art of Hosting – Exploring their leadership questions; Nyimo – after the dance; Ethel and Enock taking a break during the Art of Hosting workshop; Water Warrior Dance on Culture Day.





















The last two months have been full of joy at the village. 

We hosted our Village retreat for the second time. It is our new tradition which includes the full village, young and old. This time we celebrated harvest time, and in cultural style we DANCED our crops home. The whole village spent a few hours dancing on the beans as a simple, fun and engaging way to dehusk them. The top picture shows the light that can shine during such a dance.

We continued in preparation for our Culture Day, a collaboration with the Tree of Life. Around 300 people joined us on May 2nd, to express, witness 

and celebrate the different cultural expressions from around Zimbabwe. We ended the month with an Art of Hosting workshop, in which we hosted over 40 young leaders from across Zimbabwe for a four day experience and exploration of participatory leadership, as a part of our programme selection process. We selected 20 of those 40 for our upcoming Leadership programme, which begins at the end of June.


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Leadership for Sustainable Communities

Reflections from two Youth Leadership Programmes in 2013

In April we completed a Youth Leadership Programme that offered us the insight to perform a more stringent selection process for future programmes.

climb youthThe Youth Leadership programme followed a similar structure and curricula as our previous programme. The participants however seemed to experience more difficulties to go deep.

This helped us clarify that our key intention with this programme is to support young people to discover their passion and life work and to develop the courage and the freedom to choose who they want to be. This requires people who are willing to work with getting to know themselves. The other aspects of learning about community building and the practical skills required for sustainable community flow from there.

Kufunda’s mission is much broader and encompassing than those practical elements. Real change requires change in individuals. People waking up to who they are and who they can become.

For the second programme of the year, we focused much more on ensuring that we were selecting the right people. Young people who were willing to go on an inner journey as well as an outer one. They had to fill an application form, and were then invited for a four day Art of Hosting Training. This training served as a selection platform. This process enabled us to choose sixteen participants in a very conscious way.

The programme is just coming to an end, and it has been a rich and fruitful journey – for them as well as for us as a village.

The second big change from previous programmes, was to integrate them fully into the village. They joined our planning sessions, our weekly meetings, and our learning sessions to have a first-hand experience of how community life can be organized. They in turn brought their ideas and energy to the issues and projects at hand. So in addition to being in leadership sessions, and apprentices to the practical skills of Kufunda, they were also real contributors to the life and work of the village.

We look forward to welcoming a new cohort in 2014.

community work

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With no idea of where I’m going
In the dust and tarred road
passed many  towns
until  I reached  the city of lights

Leaving   behind  the view  of Harare
Moving into the outskirts
Along   Twentydales  road
By road, I was  taken to kufunda

My life  at a new place began
It   began  with a warm  night
In the dark I was able to see
Welcoming  smiling faces at kufunda

As the following morning  arrived
A group of young people gathered
Inside a big house of council
The Dare as it called

Siting in a circle
We paced the talking piece
Within minutes  we know each other
And  present  to the circle during the same time
From the roots  to the leaves
The trees of  life was planted
Getting  to know each ourselves  and to know each other better

Who am I, where  do I come from
Who do I want to be ?
Personal  leadership was  used  as  a weapon
Answering and streangthening  everything.

BY  IGNATIUS   SANGOYA…………………………Image

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Thank you! From the Youth

youth climb Thank you from all walks of life
our friends of our hearts
with gratitude we receive you
and with our magnitude we embrace you
we thank you for making kufunda a success

like a tree we stand
like nature we are balanced
from the roots to the leaf
you are the stem and we are the fruits
we are family
we thank you for making kufunda a success

like bees we unite
our enemies we fight
we are the hive
we are the workers
we are the drones
and you are the queen
together lets make our sweet honey, Kufunda.
we thank you for making kufunda a success

We are warriors with weapons
to build and not to destroy
like birds we fly
as we spread our wings to the world
you inspire, we admire
our vision we explore
like kids we play
and the world we transform
we thank you for making kufunda a success

we have vision
we have gifts
we have power
we have passion
with your hand you are our stepping stone
for to give is to receive
we love you our beloved friends
we are always together in spirit
we thank you for making kufunda a success.
by Carlington Zinyau.


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Engaging the Community through Appreciate Inquiry

By Francis Zinyama, Youth Programme Participant

Recently a practical assessment was undertaken by all the youths at Kufunda in a nearby community in a bid to identify the resources available, talents, skills as well as the visions of people. Youths engaged with teenagers, young adults, the old aged and a few leaders of the community.

Questions were asked openly, in a positive way that made both the interviewer and interviewee enjoy the conversation. Some of the questions asked were as follows:

  1. What are the talents & skills that you have in your community and when was a time you were proud of yourselves, what had happened?
  2. May you share with us your visions of your society say in 10 years time and were do   you see yourselves, what are the available resources you have and how can we work together to build your dreams using the resources available?

We learned a lot, though at some point we faced challenges from other members since  some thought we were donors and others thought we had something to do with politics in Zimbabwe.

Having shared with us the outcome was that they wished to renovate the road to allow transportation of their crops to the city freely. A foot-bridge to be constructed at Hunyani river between their homestead and the schooling center in Chitungwiza, since when there is heavy rainfall student spend 2 weeks being absent from school due to flooding. Most hoped to have an irrigation scheme since marketers as far as Manicaland come to buy tomatoes from them. For most of what they wish to do they have all the resources – it’s just a matter of man-power – which is what we are hoping to help them mobilize as we all come together for three days to work together to make some of these dreams and ideas a reality.

Despite the challenges we managed to make a fruitful harvest, which we are going to work with them the whole of next week. The whole idea was to encourage them to work with what is already available.