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Spreading the Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter

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stephenThe Way we work has become more of an explicit focus, after dear friends during last January’s Learning Festival asked us to share and teach the collaborative and co-creative way that is core to the way of Kufunda.

And so sharing the Art of Hosting (AoH) has been a big part of 2013. Five Art of Hosting workshops took place here last year; a local practitioners network has sprung up, significant in the way people are helping each other host events, gatherings, and change processes.


With the network of Human Rights Organizations:

khaya-ostA project of the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation and Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, invited us to do a training workshop for their network of Human Rights Organizations. in April. The participants were drawn largely from people who had participated in a two year Learning Series – a joint initiative working at the nexus between Human Rights and Conflict Transformation. After a week of companionship, deepening into conversations that matter, and experiencing the power of meaningful conversation, there was a sense that this is an important key for real shift to occur in this country. And that Kufunda Village could have a distinct role to offer in the realization of this shift, if we choose to.

Art of Hosting with Trust Africa:

Two weeks later we hosted an open enrollment Art of Hosting workshop with Trust Africa. This time the participants were artists, activists, NGO leaders. The impact was the same – a deep resonance, strong relationships and excitement at the possibility that we can craft a new world into being through how we are with ourselves, and each other. At the end of the workshop, a community of practitioners was formed. This group has been meeting monthly since then.

cafeCommunity of Practitioners

In total, five Art of Hosting sessions have been held in 2013. Some were by request, like the one for Lawyers for Human Rights, some were for our own internal programmes, and one was an open enrollment one.

The community of Art of Hosting practitioners is going strong, meeting regularly and co-hosting events for each others projects. An example is the stakeholder gathering for the Book Café. This event supported the stakeholders in shifting their space into becoming a Community Arts Centre.

Another example is co-hosting a stakeholder gathering for the Newlands Urban Renewal Project. Co-hosting a community clean-up campaign and more recently a dialogue between artists and aids activists on how to use the arts to create more awareness on AIDS.

Hopefully this is only the beginning of a network of community dialogues about what is possible, as we connect in community around what really matters to us.

Author: Kufunda Village

Kufunda Village is a learning centre in Zimbabwe. We are a collection of diverse souls learning our way into what it takes to build healthy and vibrant community. Our every day work is focused on rural Zimbabwe and yet we seek to share lessons of creating healthy community for people everywhere. Our journey is one of exploring and seeking to live what we believe to be possible, perhaps even living the future today. We are not about so-called development, or about bringing solutions to people in rural communities. We are about people creating their own solutions. And about coming together, working with the diversity and wealth that we have, to create what we need.

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