Kufunda Village

A learning village learning our way into healthy and vibrant communities of the future

Children at the centre

At Kufunda we are learning that the children really are our future. How they are enabled and supported to grow up and grow into everything that they can possibly be is critical to the on-going health and well-being of any community.

Instead of seeing the great challenges surrounding children and orphans as a problem to be solved, we embrace this work as one of the highest possibility. As we support children to grow into healthy confident young people, we are building a vital foundation for the future.

Most of our work in this area lies in two areas:

  1. working with preschoolers, supporting rural and urban women in hosting vibrant spaces of learning and care for the young children of their communities. We are inspired by the magic of the Waldorf approach to bring out the best in our children
  2. working in partnership with Nyeredzi primary school. With them we have pioneered a Waldorf inspired primary school Рin town and at Kufunda.

Find more details in the dropbox. Enjoy!


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