Kufunda Village

A learning village learning our way into healthy and vibrant communities of the future


Story Magic

Story Magic during an “Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations” Workshop

Through our programme platform, the Communiversity, Kufunda runs on-going long term programmes, and offers several short term workshops. At their essence, our programmes are all about nurturing and releasing each person’s unique and creative gift and talent in community. We believe in community and in what becomes possible when whole, or free, people come together for learning and co-creation.

Although our programmes are all different, at their core is an intention to:

  1. Explore and support people in listening to a deeper call: Learning to know ourselves; claiming and expressing our talents (as people and communities), so that we may live following our passion and bringing our gifts;
  2. Develop the art of community through hosting conversation and collaboration; teaching the capacity to host meaningful authentic conversations and connections in communities and organisations;
  3. Explore, experience and co-create healthy vibrant community using Kufunda Village as an on-going learning laboratory.

This essence translates into work with:

  1. Children: Working with early childhood development, supporting pre-school teachers to work with children, supporting them as they unfold, each a beautiful special person, rather than as someone who needs to be filled with outside knowledge (which is often the ‘schooling’ approach).
  2. Youth and Learning: Supporting young people in connecting with their talents and gifts as they step into collaborative leadership in their communities. We also have special programmes for young women.
  3. People from everywhere (in communities or organisations): To support them in finding ways of working that brings out the best in each person; developing the skills and capacity to enable collaboration and co-creation.

Learn more about the different programmes being offered through the drop box menu.


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